About CARO

Canadians Reaching Out to the World’s Children Foundation – (CARO) is a Medicine Hat, Alberta based foundation dedicated to working with communities around the world, and organizations in Medicine Hat, to improve the lives of children.

We are run 100% by a group of dedicated volunteers!

CARO is a non-denominational registered Canadian charity dedicated to partnering with international  communities, and local organizations,  in need to improve the lives of impoverished, disabled and abandoned children, their families and communities.

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The roots of CARO are the result of a series of exchanges and visits by several Canadians, firstly to Romania in Eastern Europe and then to Burkina Faso in West Africa. In Romania, the visits involved work in and around the City of Medias and the orphans at the Leaganul de Copii (Children’s State Orphanage) Medias, Romania.

Relationships were established and a series of exchanges took place, including several Medicine Hat College students from the Early Childhood Education Program traveling and working at the orphanage and Dr. Diana Jianu, a Romanian Pediatrician, traveling and speaking in Canada. This resulted in CARO investing in a number of developmental projects for children in Medias. These included salary support for child-care workers in the Leaganul de Copii (Children’s State Orphanage), teaching and instructional materials, and equipment for children. A pilot project was also established to fund a child psychologist.


In addition to Romania, CARO has established and built a strong relationship with L’Association pour la Sauvegarde de la Femme et de l’Orphelin au Passoré in Yako West Africa. Burkina Faso is a land locked country of about 14 million people and is identified in the United Nations Human Development Index as the 3rd poorest nation in the world. Since 2004 CARO has been funding the daily needs of Tega-Wende Orphanage situated in Sector 4, Yako.

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CARO also provides support to local Medicine Hat and area organizations who need help raising funds to support children. We partner with local schools to support school lunch programs,  local refugee settlement agencies to provide support for refugee families in our community, and other local organizations dedicated to supporting children and youth.